Our services

Although Spectrum is very much a general practice, no single adviser can have all the skills to provide truly holistic financial planning.  As a result we have built a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who are experts in their particular field.  We believe in a team approach to client care so you may have more than one adviser looking after you.

We appreciate the value of efficient tax planning.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide assistance in-house, we have a number of strategic alliances with equally professional businesses who are always happy to help.

Independent Financial Advice

Spectrum is not part of a network nor are we tied to any provider or their products. As independent advisers, Spectrum has access to the whole of the market which enables us to tailor our advice to your specific requirements. Whilst we are Sussex based, we act for many clients far further afield.   more

Auto-Enrolment Consultants

Spectrum Auto Enrolment has been working with clients to help them on the auto-enrolment journey. Our largest schemes have over 200 workers and are now tackling the three year re-enrolment and re-declaration process required by The Pensions Regulator, whilst we are still working with smaller firms and new start-ups whose staging dates are still to come. Our clients originate from new and established links with accountants and payroll bureaus as well as referrals from other professionals and existing clients.   more

Later Life Choices

People spend the majority of their working lives building up some level of wealth to support themselves or their families through retirement and beyond. However, factors such as longevity, long term care costs and inheritance tax can all have a detrimental effect on your hard-earned savings and investments, both for you and future generations. As an accredited Later Life Adviser, Jeremy’s aim is to help you understand and effectively plan to limit the impact that these issues can have on your finances. The problem of funding long term care in particular is becoming more prevalent and Jeremy has chosen to devote much of his time to making this his area of expertise.   more


In today’s hectic world, few people have the time to find that elusive “best deal”. More than ever they rely on industry professionals to carry out this task for them. At Spectrum we understand the issues and are able to provide the support and specialist advice needed in a rapidly changing financial environment. Thanks to our Finance team’s many proven years of experience in successfully advising clients, Spectrum has become one of the leading providers of truly independent advice in the South East.   more