Auto-Enrolment Consultants

Spectrum Auto Enrolment has been working with clients to help them on the auto-enrolment journey. 

Our largest schemes have over 200 workers and are now tackling the three year re-enrolment and re-declaration process required by The Pensions Regulator, whilst we are still working with smaller firms and new start-ups whose staging dates are still to come.

Our clients originate from new and established links with accountants and payroll bureaus as well as referrals from other professionals and existing clients.

Our strength is to work with clients to identify a suitable and simple solution to meet their needs, be compatible with their payroll process, and help them communicate this appropriately to their workers.

As employers must now provide access to a workplace pension, we believe it  is best practice to engage the workforce with the benefits on offer, as many employees have little or no experience of pensions and how they work. Face-to-face presentations are a great way for us to meet employees, explain the key issues and answer their questions. This helps the employer to implement their scheme as smoothly as possible.

Our support doesn’t stop after set-up as ongoing queries often arise with payroll or from the workers themselves.  We include an annual support service for all our schemes and produce an annual report for each. We can also offer this to employers with established schemes who no longer have a linked adviser or wish to change their appointed adviser.

We offer very competitive terms and after an initial discussion, can present a proposal for the relevant services for your business and budget. Where a firm already outsources its payroll we can offer a discount and work with the payroll bureau to cover all bases. 

As well as Auto-Enrolment pensions we also provide access to other employee benefits such as group life, group income protection and medical insurance. We also offer access to corporate advice for business owners and access to personal advice through Spectrum IFA for employees.